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consider, that you are mistaken..

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3 comments on “ Im In Love

  1. It's hard to know if you're in love or not, especially if you've been hurt before. But catching feels is inevitable. So we must seek to understand our levels of attraction and love! Fun. This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously:).
  2. I'm so in love (Chorus) I'm in love, i'm in love [i'm so in love] Do u hear me? Was so scared, not prepared [was so scared but it hit me] but it hit me Glad its us, now i'm good [i'm so good] I'm so in love [I never knew what good love could be til I met u, girl] I'm in love [oh yes i am], i'm in love And its a good thing [ooo] Many miss out on.
  3. Nov 11,  · To handle being in love with two people, start by making a list of what you love about each of them. Then, use the list to decide which of them you'd rather be in a relationship with. For example, if you love the attention you get from the second person but don't see yourself having a future with them, maybe you just need more attention from.

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